Colloids, i.e. micro- and nanoparticles, are not only the building blocks of a plethora of industrial products (e.g., paint, concrete, emulsions, soft armors), but also versatile playgrounds to mimic the properties of atomic (crystals and glasses) and biological (bacteria, algae and living cells) systems.

My research interests focus on the experimental characterization of complex materials properties using toy-models of colloidal particles.

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Active Atoms and Interstitials in Two-Dimensional Colloidal Crystals

K. Dietrich, G. Volpe, M. N. Sulaiman, D. Renggli, I. Buttinoni, and L. Isa

Depending on the interaction with other particles, active colloids either navigates throughout a colloidal crystal as interstitials or are part of the lattice and behave an active atoms.